Kerberos and load balancers

Kerberos is a ticket-based authentication protocol, which requires deep understanding to make it work properly. Information about setting it up is somehow scattered over the web, so it took me some time to find relevant reads. In my previous post I wrote about my initial experience with Kerberos and I want to share some more in this one.

Working in a load-balanced environment introduces (administrative) complexity to your system and Kerberos is no exception to this. In this post I will focus on setting your IIS (>= 7.0) correctly up to work with Kerberos in such scenarios. Continue Reading…

The power of feature toggles

Many organizations employ a complex deployment process where every code change has to go through a series of different steps in order to reach the production environment. This is typically due to organizational rules, which require many people to approve the deployment. The result is a big package with many updates to the code that is supposed to be deployed at once. At deployment time the level of stress rises drastically, as there often are unexpected errors – missing configurations, misunderstandings in the team, or special (not well-tested) scenarios. Moreover, if the deployment fails, it needs to be rolled back, which could be a painful process.

Long deployments process

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taskhostw.exe high CPU usage on Windows 10

I have had my Dell XPS 13 for more than 2 years now and I am still very happy with it. When I bought it initially, it came with Windows 8. Later on I upgraded it to Windows 8.1. And lastly I upgraded it to Windows 10 – the free upgrade offered to many people. Windows 10 suits my computer well as it can be used both as a regular laptop and as a tablet (its screen can be flipped around). Moreover, there are a lot of performance optimizations and configuration improvements in this version of Windows that makes my life better. However, after the upgrade one problem occurred. Continue Reading…

Why you may not need HR anymore

We are recruitingHuman resources (HR) has become an essential department in many organizations. It is primarily occupied with two tasks:

  1. Attracting new employees
  2. Making sure everything is going smooth with the existing employees on daily basis

HR is a middle man between the candidate and the department manager – typically the manager will write a specification about the type of person he or she is looking for and the HR will start posting it around on different job portals, social networks, etc. This may have worked well in the past years, but it is becoming far behind optimal. Continue Reading…